Waagen, Gustav Friedrich
Treasures of art in Great Britain: being an account of the chief collections of paintings, drawings, sculptures, illuminated mss., etc. (Supplement): Galleries and cabinets of art in Great Britain — London, 1857

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Letter YITI.


Pictures belonging to H. D. Seymour, Esq., Knoyle House — Pictures be-
longing to Lord Heytesbury, Heytesbury — Pictures belonging to Joseph
Everett, Esq., Heytesbury—Pictures at Wardour Castle, seat of Lord
Arundel of Wardour — Collection at Corsham Court, seat of LordMetbuen
— Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey — Objects of art in and around Birming-
ham — Hawthorn House — Edgbaston — Endwood Court — Manu-
factories — Lichfield Cathedral — Collection of sculptures and pictures at

Marbury Hall — Water-colour drawings belonging to--Cooke, Esq.,

Manchester—■ Collection of pictures belonging to Samuel Ash ton, Esq.,
near Manchester — Collection of pictures belonging to John Chapman,
Esq., near Manchester — Pictures belonging to Jacob Fletcher, Esq., near
Liverpool — Collection of pictures at Holker Hall, seat of Earl of Burling-
ton — Collection of pictures belonging to Rev. Thos. Staniforth, at Storrs,

at Knoyle House, neab Hindoo, Wiltshire.

From Kingston I proceeded, under the escort of Mr. Danby
Seymour, to visit Mrs. Seymour, his mother, at Knoyle House,
where I spent a few days of great interest and enjoyment, and of
the finest weather, partly in the hospitable circle of the family, and
partly in excursions in the neighbourhood, for the purpose of
examining works of art, to which my kind host obtained admission
for me. In Knoyle House I found a small number of well-
chosen pictures, chiefly of the Netherlandish school, for which I
was unprepared.

j ah Both.—A landscape. In the centre of the foreground are
two trees, beneath which is a traveller resting, and a laden ass.
On the right rises a rocky and wooded ground. On the left is a
horizontal hill. On wood. About 3 ft. high, 4 ft. wide. The
composition is peculiar, the colouring of a clear and mildly warm
tone, and the execution careful.

Adeian van de Velde.—A landscape with cattle. In the
centre, in warm lighting, is a brown cow and some sheep reposing.
Under a tree are shepherd and shepherdess, resting and conversing.
The background richly wooded and hilly. Signed and dated
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