Deutsches Archäologisches Institut / Abteilung Athen [Editor]
Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, Athenische Abteilung — 28.1903

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The heacl here presented was found May 20, 1902 in the
orchestra of the theatre at Corinth at a depth of 6,50 m below
the surface, along with architectural fragments and iragments
of very poor sculpture. This heacl, whatever may be the ulti-
mate decision concerning it, arrests attention as a work of art
with style and character.
It once belonged to a coiriplete statue, and, considering it
to represent a boy of from fourteen to sixteen years of age,
it is of about life-size 1. The material is Pari an marble, as is
the case with most of the sculpture found at Corinth. The lack
of finish is seen in several places, traces of the toothed chisel
appearing on the chin and on the right side of the neck. The
preservation is not so goocl as one might desire. Several slight
abrasions neecl not be taken into account, as they do not impair
the expression ; but the loss of the greater part of the nose is
serious. The right nostril is, however, almost unharmed, and
even the left appears. The bridge of the nose has escaped
entirely, so that the contours of both eyes are intact.

1 The cümensions are as follows:
Length of head from crown to chin. 0,23 m
Nostril to depression at back of neck. 0,18
B-ridge of nose to back of skull. 0,208
Middle lock of hair to bottom of chin. 0,160
» » » » ■» root of nose. 0,10
» » » » mouth. 0,115
Inner corner of eye to chin. 0,105
Height of forehead. 0,03
Distance betvveen outer corners of eyes. o,oSS
Length of eye with tear-duct. 0,029
» » » without » 0,026
Ileight of eye without lids .. 0,012
Breadth of mouth. 0,045
Length of ear. 0,057
Distance between ears, lower lobe. 0,125
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