The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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take for granted that he has eyelafhes, than be fall
to fee them : and the fame idea applies to a variety of
petite and minute articles.

Seduced by the defire of high finifhing, it often
happens that an artift pays more attention to fuch
infignificants than they deferve ; but this is labour ill
bellowed, and might be prevented, by recollection of
the fimple proportion, that whatever in a picture, &c.
is heightened, immediately lowers others, and deftroys
the equilibrium : the heightenings therefore of details
injures the nobler and more important parts, occafions
a drynefs and fterility in the piece, and indicates a
petite genius, rather than a liberal enthufiafm ; nor is
it always that labour attains its propofed effect, a few
fmart touches, well placed, and boldly applied, often
hit better expreffion, &c. than all poffible exactnefs about
trifles ; to whofe execution a bungler is equal—
The meaneft fculptor in the Emilian fquare
Can imitate in brafs the nails and hair -}
Expert at trifles, and a learned fool.
Able to work a part, but not compofe a whole.
DIRTY, is fpoken of colours, when by mixtures of
inimical pigments, the refults is a difagreeable, and heavy
compound. This fault is by all means to be avoided,
efpecially in hiftoric, and portrait painting; in land-
fcape, almofi any colour may be ufed in fome place or
other, but limplicity, and clearnefs of tints are ever
defirable. 1

In repairing an old picture, it is often neceffary to
dirty the colours, in order to match them more clofelj
to the faded and embrowned colours of the piece,

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