The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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Commerce, fummonlng the nations together, and In the
rear are Nereids carrying feveral articles of our manu-
factures and commerce of Manchefter, Birmingham,

As mufic is naturally connected with matters of joy
and triumph, and that according to all neceflary propri-
ety, the retinue of the Thames could not appear
without an artift in this way, I have introduced doctor
Burney behind Drake and Rawleigh.

V. The Diflribution of Premiums in the Society ofArtsx bfc.

THE fitting figure in the corner of the picture, wh«
holds the inftrument of the inftitution in his hand, is Mr.
Shipley, whofe zeal for whatever is of publick benefit,
was very inftrumental in the firft framing of this Society.
One of the two farmers, who are producing fpecimens
of corn to Lord Romney, the prefident, is Arthur
Young, Efq; the very knowing and ingenious author
of the Farmer's Tours, Sec. Near him is Mr. More,
fecretary to the Society ; on one fide of Lord Romney is
the Hon. Mr. Marfham, V. P. on the other, and be-
tween him and his royal highnefs the Prince of Wales,
who is habited in the robes of the Garter, is Salifbury
Brereton, Efq; V. P. towards the centre of the picture
is a diftinguilhed example of female excellence, Mrs,
Montagu, who is earneftly recommending the ingenuity
and induftry of a young female, whofe work fhe is pro-
ducing j around her ftand the late Duchefs of Northum-
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