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worthy of an artistic personality of the highest recent International Exhibition held at Venice
rank. his work was shown with that of Fontanesi, Morelli,

Not to dwell too long on Previati, I will now and Rodin, and he is very well represented at the
content myself with mentioning some of his most Turin " Exposition Quadriennale."
noteworthy pictures, without troubling myself


about the chronological order of their production. oiuwiu-ini.ft.,
The Madonna with the Lilies, Roi Soleil, Romeo (From our own Correspondents.)

and Juliet, Moonlight, the Sciesa, the Adoration of ¥ ONDON.—A more than ordinary amount
the Magi, the La Dance des Heures, Cleopatra, the of praise is due to the stained-glass win-

Assumption, Calvary, two or three Holy Families, dows which Mr. James Clark is design-

two or three Madonnas with the Holy Child, one * i"g f°r the church of St. John, at Winder-
of which, with the Infant Jesus
asleep, recalls the Madonna of
Mantegna in the Poldi Pozzoli
Museum at Milan, although Previati
has assured me that he never saw
that work.

Turning from paintings to pastels
and drawings, the number produced
by Previati is immense, for he de-
votes himself, in addition to every-
thing else, to book illustration. For
instance he has illustrated LPromessi
Sposi, and although some of the
drawings in it are scarcely worthy of
him, there are others which make us
regret the fact that the book was not
a complete success. Artistic ex-
cellence, however, fails often enough
to correspond with commercial suc-
cess ; and in the art world, as in
every other department of human
endeavour, the worker must be con-
tent to wait for the reward of his
intelligence, skill, and patience. To
be master of the future it is necessary
for an artist to be content to be out
of fashion in the present, for pos-
terity rewards none with fame except
those who have added new delights
to life by the discovery of new
sources of activity and energy.

Previati, to whom we owe a num-
ber of illustrations of the work of
a genius who was also unapprecia-
ted during his life, Edgar Allan Poe,
is undoubtedly one of the artists
who must resign himself to being
out of fashion ; but, since his Mater-
nity was received with indifference
and ridicule by the majority of the

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public, he has been gradually win- „ ,

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ning true recognition from those designed by james clark designed by james clark

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