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Scottish Domestic Decorations

SOME RECENT SCOTTISH fearless thoughts. Whether the architecture be
DOMESTIC FITTINGS AND liked or disliked, it is not an echo of other men's
DECORATIONS BYW R work an(3 therefore it demands consideration. In
many ways daring licence and disregard of precedent
WATSON. are 0pen t0 criticism, but we should not forget

In writing of an architect of past times it is how much of positive excellence, and how much
possible to define his position and emphasise his that is capable of development, is to be found in
peculiar individuality by comparing his work with the work of the pioneers who make for progress,
that of his contemporaries, but in the case of living Movement and change is to be expected from
men this comparative method cannot be carried far the men, independent of the classic tradition, who
enough to establish definitely the relative position express their personal convictions in ways alto-
of each. To say that the work of Mr. James gether their own, rather than from those who
Salmon and his son is strongly impregnated with are contented to express themselves on classic or
modern ideas of architectural treatment does not accepted lines. The original mind creates a
necessarily imply that it is an imitation of the work style from materials which had been considered
of others following similar lines, and attempting to hitherto of no importance, and finds in the work
give practical expression to a new series of frank and of the past unsuspected elements capable of

architectural treatment where
his predecessors had never
thought of looking for them ;
the lover of precedent, on
the other hand, selects and
rearranges themes hallowed
by generations of apprecia-
tive adaptation, and re-uses
them so deftly that they seem
new, or more delightful than

The work of Mr. James
Salmon and his son, with
whom is associated Mr.
J. Gaff Gillespie, cannot
be saidj to belong to
either the one class or the
other, for it blends together
originality of treatment and
new combinations of ortho-
dox features with a whole-
some obedience to precedent
^^^^EP^P^^^^B and to the restraining in-

fluences of the classic ideal
BpBBpBjfcMPMBi which is based on proportion

and symmetrical balance,
combined with a reticent use
of decorative detail always
subservient to the whole
effect. The applied orna-
ment sparingly decorates the
structural portions, and
though the designs are often
rich in effect, yet, if com-
iS^^W8™WbMIIm1H^MW pared with the average treat-

ment of houses of similar

entrance hall of 12, university designed by j. gaff gillespie

gardens, Glasgow glass panels by oscar paterson character, one is struck not

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