Studio: international art — 27.1903

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Studio- Talk


(From our own Correspondents.)

STUDIO-TALK. only a few are equally at their ease whether they

represent women, men, or children. Mr. Bacon's
skill as a sketcher of male portraits has been
ONDON.—The Art-Workers' Guild is to demonstrated several times in The Studio ; and
be heartily congratulated upon its elec- that he is no less happy in his portrait-studies of
tion of so able and so individual an children is proved by a charming sketch of his
architect as Mr. C. Harrison Townsend own daughter, here reproduced in colours.

to the post of Master for the present year, in -

succession to Mr. George Frampton, R.A. We The exhibition of the Royal Society of Painters
have pleasure in giving a reproduction of a portrait in Water Colours is more than usually interesting,
of Mr. Townsend recently painted by Mr. Alphseus The collection which it presents of various types
P. Cole. of artistic production is particularly well-balanced,

and it cannot be reproached, like so many of its
In his portraiture — or rather in his brilliant predecessors, with a want of figure work of good
portrait sketches — Mr. J. H. Bacon shows an quality. Mr. Arming Bell's finely-designed and
uncommon sympathy for people of all ages and robustly-painted Rosewater, Mr. J. R. Weguelin's
conditions. Most artists are bound by the limita- daintily-imagined Captive Dryad, Miss Fortescue-
tions of their talents to but one class of portraits : Brickdale's dignified and serious composition The

Three Daughters of Time,
and Mr. J. Walter West's
pretty fancy The Silver
Mirror, are all memorable
drawings ; and there is a
specially characteristic
study, A Woman Navvy
of Bavaria, by Professor
von Herkomer. The best
of the landscapes are Sir
E. A. Waterlow's graceful
drawing The Upland Road,
Mr. Robert Little's vigor-
ous Carsethorn, Mr. J. W.
North's pretty fantasy The
Golden Bough, Mr. Lionel
Smythe's Under the Green-
wood Tree, Mr. Albert
Goodwin's Lincoln and
Venice, and The Salmon
Leap by Mr. Thorne Waite.
Mr. Napier Hemy's Bound
for Brixham is a sea piece
of exceptional strength,
without any touch of ex-
aggeration ; and Mr. R. W.
Allan's coast subject, The
Ebbing Tide, is a very good
record of an effect of grey
atmosphere. The Reaper,
by Mr. G. Clausen, and
some drawings by Mr.
Crane, Mr. J. Walter West,
and Mr. A. Rackham must
not be forgotten.


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