Studio: international art — 27.1903

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in a series of drawings
in which the landscape,
background, and surround-
ings are very charmingly
indicated. But, unhappily,
this design, like some of
the others, rules itself out
of court by not supplying
the particular class of
building demanded by the
terms of the competition.
We imagine that a practical
working definition of a
summer-house would be a
small house built in a
garden, and intended for
the purpose of sitting in,
» more particularly on the

poster: "a motor-car in holland by h. cassiers r 3

(See article on the'Belgian Section, Turin Exhibition) hot dayS of summer, though,

at the same time, it should
afford some protection, by

DESIGNS FOR SUMMER- means of screen or wall, against the wind.
HOUSES.'r.f SOME REMARKS The competitors show (and rightly enough) a great
UPON THE RESULTS OF divergence of choice in the materials they propose,
„„r . relying upon wood or stone or brick, or, usually,

COMPETITION A XXXII. *v t . a k • i ^

a combination ot stone and brick. I wo very

There seems to have been, with respect to this pleasing examples of the union of stone and brick
competition, a considerable diversity of opinion as are given in the designs of " Brush " and of " Blues,"
to what is implied by the term " summer-house." but it seems a pity that the latter has not given
Indeed, in some cases there is shown an absolute the occupants of his summer-house rather more
misconception with reference to the meaning of the opportunity of enjoying the view than is afforded
word. Some of the foreign competitors, for instance, by the very small bay windows, and the window in
have submitted complete
sets of drawings for country
houses, evidently under the
impression that by " sum-
mer-house is meant a
house in which one could !
eat, drink, be merry—and

sleep — and enjoy that MHmm^^^^MB
period of the year winch

we English are accustomed JEM »j MB

to call summer. We regret

the mistake, especially in ' ft WBl

the case of the competitor HB^^^^hHBHbSS

who sends us from Austria
a set of drawings under

the motto " My home is V^!,%i ^«BPW(B» M . C< a

my castle." Apart from >^«m& <^ ,*^5r?»!! f - ■•'^wIPP

the plan, which is perhaps
more Continental than

English arrange- ^^■^^^^^^^■^^■^^^^■■■^^■MM^^B^^^^^B

ment, the elevations are dining-room by georges hobe

interesting, and are set forth (See article on the Belgian Section, Turin Exhibition)

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