Studio: international art — 27.1903

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Aivards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

ii Dorotheergasse. 1902.)—This little volume is tableau of the first act of " Paolo and Francesca,"

a venture of the scholars of the Vienna School of as recently played at the St. James's Theatre,

Applied Art. The students are evidently in holi- London. The picture, which is 24 ins. long by

day mood, and they are fully determined to be 7 ins. deep, forms a pleasing memento of the play,

eccentric at all costs. Some of the work, nevertheless, The overmantel illustrated on page 205 and the

is good. We like H. Unterkalmsteiner's silhouette buffet on page 206 of the August number were

of a courtyard, and O. M. Miethke's shipping scene, designed and executed by Mr. de Graaf, of the

We notice also a pretty page of decoration by firm of Onder S. Maarten, and not by Mr. K.

J. Sika, and some strong work by W. v. May. The Sluyterman as stated,
little book speaks well for the enterprise of the
students, and it is produced with much care. The

cover and end papers are pleasantly original. A WARDS IN " THE STUDIO "

Hints on Chip-Carving and the simple Northern . /\ PRIZE COMPETITIONS.

Styles. Third Edition. Revised and Enlarged. / %

Hints on Wood-Carving for Beginners. Fourth XXX.)
Edition. By Eleanor Rowe. (London: B. T. Design for a Formal Garden.
Batsford, 1902. Price is. each).—It is needless The designs in this competition being very un-
to say more of these little manuals than to call satisfactory, the Editor is obliged to withhold the
attention to the fact that they have been lately First Prize.

reprinted, with many additions. They are The Second Prize (One Guinea) is awarded to

thoroughly practical, and the illustrations are Sir Esperance (Arabella L. Rankin, S. Adrian's,

selected with genuine discrimination. Crail, Fife).

- (A XXXI.)

We have received from Messrs. Raphael Tuck Design for a Catalogue Cover.

and Sons a collection of Christmas and New Year The First Prize {Three Guineas) has been

cards for the present season. Last year we noted awarded to Nightbird (Hans Reitz, 7 Wharton

a decided artistic advance in many of the cards Road, West Kensington).

issued by this firm — an advance which does The Second Prize {Two Guineas) to Pan (Fred,

not appear to have been well sustained this H. Ball, 7 Lismore Street, Carlisle),

year. Perhaps it is that the general public does Honourable Mention:—Brush (Percy Lancaster);

not appreciate good drawing and clever design, Doric (G, W. Mason); Sira (E. Aris); Isca (Ethel

but prefers the meretricious prettiness more Larcombe); Nightbird (Hans Reitz); Tion (F. J.

commonly seen in this class of work. Although Carmichael); Old Clo (J. W. Lisle); Solemncholy

we do not find any design among the smaller cards (C. J. Jennings) ; Stannix (T. E. Martlew) ; and

which calls for particular remark, some of the Chelvie (H. L. Vahey).

larger calendars show unusual merit. Among (B XX.)

these may be mentioned the "Dickens Series," Design for a Book-plate.

consisting of four spirited drawings by Mr. The First Prize {Two Guineas) has been

Ludovici, excellently reproduced in colours, which gained by Isca (Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place,

deserve the popularity undoubtedly in store for St. James's, Exeter).

them. A series of six humorous drawings by The Second Prize (One Guinea) by Roy (Roy

H. Cowham, representing the game of ping-pong, Greenleaf, 1 Union Square, New York City, U.S.A.)

are decidedly clever. Mention must also be made Honourable Mention :—Isca (Ethel Larcombe)

of a beautifully printed large panel representing the Serlio (J. J. Waddell) ; Alex (A. Scott Carter)

" Infant St. John," by H. M. Bennett. Rep (E. R. Phillips); Iris (H. Gannaway)

From Messrs. Winsor and Newton we have Flying Fish (Lilian Busbridge); Simplex; Ymer

received a selection of their "stiff" oil colours. (Svante Olsson); Gwyn (D. H. Smith); Excelsior

The colours are contained in convenient wide- (Henry Niestle); Hylus (T. C. C. Mackie) ; Doric

mouthed tubes. They are well ground and, on (G. W. Mason); Brush (Percy Lancaster); Nick

account of their consistency and uniform quality, (M. L. Kirby); Arcturus (M. Igglesden); Carelia

commend themselves to those who work in this (Birger Brunila); Malvolio (Olive Allen); O

class of material. Mimosa San (Grace M. McClure); Bardie (E. H.

We have received from Messrs. Window and Swinstead); Plato (Scott Calder); Pan (F. H.

Grove an admirable photograph, representing a Ball); Gar (E. G. Perman); Gwyn (D. H. Smith);

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