Studio: international art — 27.1903

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A Canadian Artist in the Azores

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heavy thread is very bold in treatment; and the the Azorean Archipelago, first officially discovered

daintiness of the handkerchief, illustrated on page by one Gasgalo Velho Cabral in the year 1432,

168, forms a strong contrast to it. The corner who acted under the instructions of Prince Henry

of the tablecloth is very rich in design and of Portugal, surnamed the Navigator. Mohammed

phantasy. al Edris, who discovered the Cape Verde Islands

Of course in so short a time it has been in the twelfth century, is cited as having indicated

impossible to produce either a large number of a group of islands in the Atlantic somewhere to

designs or much work. This branch of modern art the west of Europe. Even in far back Greek

is in its infancy, but we may expect much from mythology their existence seems to have been

these promising beginnings. The Government is based on something more than mere supposition,

doing its best to further its development, and the These beautiful islands are teeming with fable

training of the lace-makers to think for themselves and romance, as well as with splendour of natural

instead of doing their work mechanically, as is only beauty—the passionate human interest of a beau-

too often the case, is a step in the right direction, tiful people in beautiful environments. Situated in

Crochet lace is now receiving much attention, and a semi-tropical climate, full of rich, blazing colour

we may also expect some further advance in this and a great variety of atmospheric effect, in the

branch of lace making. words of Mr. Sandham, they form a near approach

A. S. Levetus. to the " Painter's Paradise."

Of volcanic origin, the landscape features are

ACANADIAN ARTIST IN THE most shingly effective in natural lines and

AZORES- H SANDHAM RCA contours. St. Michael, the largest and most im-

BY WILL JENKINS portant of the islands, is, perhaps, the most
picturesque of the group, containing as it does

About one-third of the distance, going directly the town of Ponta Delgada, which abounds in

west from Lisbon to New York, are the Islands of picturesque architecture and costumes almost

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