Studio: international art — 27.1903

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

Cruikshank, Sidney Cooper, Vicat Cole, G. Cour-
bet, R. Doyle, Dore, Detaille, Degas and Gerome.

Die Schonheit des Weiblichen Korpers. Von Dr.
C. H. Stratz. (Stuttgart: Verlag von Ferdinand
Enke.) 1902.—The dedication of this book to
mothers, doctors, and artists, explains sufficiently
the purpose for which it was written. It is a valu-
able treatise on the development of the female
figure, with explanations of the causes of the more
noteworthy physical defects. To artists it is im-
portant because it will help them to avoid faults in
drawing which may arise from too faithful repre-
sentation of an imperfect model. It calls attention
also to those variations in relative proportion by
which different types of figures are distinguished,
and draws significant distinctions between what are
natural forms and those which result from un-
natural and artificial distortion. Not the least
important feature of the work is the series of a
hundred and eighty illustrations, most of which
reproduce photographs of living figures, selected
with reference to the argument in the text.

In order to avoid clashing with the exhibition of
the Arts and Crafts Association, it has been decided
not to hold a " Studio " International Exhibition of
Decorative Art this autumn.


Design for a Cottage.

The First Prize (Three Guineas) has been
awarded to Jack Plane'(David John Roberts, Autumn
Villa, Tyburn, near Birmingham).

The Second Prize (Two Guineas) to Quercus
(Frank Jones, 1 Brunswick Terrace, Scarborough).

Honourable Mention : Gleeson (Chas. J. White);
Brush (Percy Lancaster) j Curlew (Lennox G.
Bird); Simplissimus (J. C. Proctor) ; Bunny
Hutch (E. G. Theakston) ; Ovon (J. P. Salwey) ;
Killikrates (G. M. Ellwood); Gobo (J. R. Haeking);
Carlo (C. Gascoyne) ; Mamarbashi (C. P. Carter) ;
Twentieth Century (H. W. Simister); Pooh-Bah
(C. E. Jackson) ; IK (R. Hauman); Jim the Pen-
man (James Prior); Chelsea (W. Kidd); Ailsa
(A. C. Thomson); Ferry (George White) ; Labour
(H. W. Simister); Limestone (B. Bidwell; Chic {E.
Garratt) ; Oceanic (E. Dickinson); Queen of Hearts
(A.Durst); RomaifZ. Bathurst); Restraint^. Knott).

Design for a Silver Teapot.
The work sent in for this competition is un-
satisfactory. Not one design of a plain silver tea-
pot has been submitted, yet the shape of such an
object of daily use is plainly of much greater im-
portance than any motif oi ornament devised for its
embellishment. In the designs, almost without
exception, the handle has been ill-considered;
either it is bad in design, and could not be grasped
with comfort, or else it is so placed in its relation
to the weight of metal as to be quite out of balance
with the pot. Tramp, as usual, is original and
brilliantly clever in drawing, but we may doubt
whether the inlays of mother-of-pearl would be as
serviceable in practical use as they are certainly
charming in effect, as the daily cleaning of a silver
teapot would tend to dull the mother-of-pearl.

The First Prize {Two Guineas) has been
awarded to Tramp (David Veazey, 27 Rectory
Place, Woolwich).

The Second Prize {One Guinea) to Hussan
(Walter Klein, Konigstrasse 62, Stuttgart, Germany).

Hon. Mention : Nemo (E. H. Rouse) and
Tramp (D. Veazey).

(B XX.)
Design for a Bookplate.
The awards in this competition will be made
known at an early date.

(B XXI.)

Design for an Illustrated Post-card.

The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been
awarded to Phil (Edward Phillips, Sydney Road,
Waltham New Town, Herts).

The Second Prize (One Guinea) to Teddie
(Miss A. M. Williams, "Walcot," Shaa Road,
East Acton, London, W.).

Hon. Mention : Egmont (W. Russell); Jawker
(Miss J. S. C. Simpson); Sir Ludas (W. E. Barker) ;
Aspen (M. Armfield); Chat Noir (A. Leete);
Tin Tack (Miss E. F. Naylor); Isca (Ethel
Larcombe); Splenius (C. C. Marsh); and Brush
(P. Lancaster).

Study of Sea Waves.

The First Prize (One Guinea) has been won
by Touchstone (F. J. Mortimer, 5, Pembroke Road,

The Second Prize (Half a-Guinea) by Temple
(H. Jacob, Springville, Temple Road, Dublin).

Hon. Mention : Neptune (W. G. Dickins); Ton
(W. A. Coocle); Surf (H. Wanless); Ocean Deep
(W.G.Batchelor); Wilhelmina(K. Roelants); Thistle
(Mrs. G. R. Young); and Smyona (H. Bairstow).
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