Studio: international art — 27.1903

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Turin Exhibition

THE INTERNATIONAL EX- courts, etc., the details added by his collabora-

HIBITION OF MODERN tors ^° not ln evet7 instance do justice to the

DECORATIVE ART AT TURIN Progress made of late years in Germany. There

,.T are points open to criticism in the work of

THE GERMAN SECTION. * , ' ~ , , • , ,

Mr. Behrens, of Darmstadt, for instance, who

designed the Hall; of Mr. H. Billing, who is

Germany has certainly taken a very prominent responsible for the chief room of the section ;

position in the Exhibition at Turin, thanks to the of Mr. Kuhke, who decorated the Lecture Hall;

liberal subsidy of the Imperial Government and and of Mr. Kreis, who designed the ceramic

the generous contributions of the Confederated decorations, executed by the house of Villeroy

States, amounting to some 120,000 francs. The and Bock, for the Saxon Section.

Committee, presided over by the architect, H. E. Peter Behrens' Hall, with its heavy arches

von Berlepsch-Valendas, of Munich, has collected and vaulting, is only relieved by the fountain in

a very representative series of examples of the new the centre, with the noble, but somewhat stiff,

departure in decorative art, recently inaugurated in winged figures so characteristic of their author.

Germany, and although that country does not The great Hall of Herr Billing is not altogether

enjoy, as does Austria, a separate building, satisfactory from an architectural point of view,

its exhibits are shown in a gallery designed ex- and is somewhat lacking in originality; while

pressly for them by Mr. von Berlepsch-Valendas, the Saxon Room, the ornaments of which, by

which is in itself a practical illustration of the the way, were designed by Karl Gross, though

decorative work recently done by German archi- there is a good deal that is clever about it, is

tects. Truth to tell, beautiful and effective as is not entirely harmonious.

the general design of the accomplished Munich Germany was especially well prepared to take

architect, with its characteristic sloping roofs, her true place in the modern decorative movement,


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