Studio: international art — 27.1903

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Turin Exhibition


artist, are distinguished by variety and elaboration
of form, and highly fanciful colouring. The cups
and dishes mounted in metal, all more or less in-
spired by Tiffany's work, are also worthy of mention.
In these examples we find a characteristic expression
of artistic individuality, and imagination in outline
and colour, which is not elsewhere discoverable
in this section.

The silversmith Klinkosch, of Vienna, has pro-
duced a tea service, designed by Professor Otto
Wagner, the first architect in Vienna, who for some
years has had a marked and excellent influence
over all the younger followers of the modern school
of decorative art; this service is not only solid and
elegant in form, but, at the same time, light, and
original. In metal-work we are struck by a number
of bronzes by Gurschner, whose work has long
been familiar. Among younger artists I would
note some ornamental objects, a casket and a
clock by Otto Prutscher. An illustration of the
clock is given upon this page.

In this kiosk, too, some furnished rooms are to


be seen, some previously exhibited in Vienna; two>
new rooms by Wyttarlik and Witzmann show the
Austrian character which we find in all the capital
designs by Professor Josef Hoffmann, under whose
inspiration they work, though he is not distinctively
represented here ; their style is simple and un-
pretentious, often suggestive of old-world carpentry
and furniture, plain and severe taste taking the
place of any marked artistic individuality. English
influence is as perceptible here as in a good many
of the other Austrian exhibits.

It is to be regretted that Austrian industrial art,
which is generally so highly praiseworthy, and is
making a name for itself all the world over, has
not in the present instance done itselt more
iustice. W. Fred.

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