Studio: international art — 49.1910

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Aquatints at Walker’s Gallery, Old. Ten Illustrations.126

Architectural Gardening—VIII. With Illustrations by C. E. Mallows, F.R. I.B.A., and F. L. Griggs.

Eleven Illustrations.18

>. ,, —IX. With Illustrations by C. E. Mallows, F.R.I.B.A., and F. L. Griggs. Seven


Art School Notes. Nine Illustrations. 77i r63> 247> 32


Edinburgh .................. 79

Glasgow...78, 248


London.. 77, 163, 247, 329

Arts and Crafts Society’s Exhibition at the New Gallery, The. Forty-eight Illustrations . . . 33> I05

Austrian Painter in Water-Colours, An: Ludwig Rosch. Seven Illustrations.H

Baldry, A. Lys. The Art of Mr. Albert Goodwin, R.W.S. Fourteen Illustrations .... 85

,, ,, ,, Lionel P. Smythe, A.R.A., R.W.S. An Appreciation of his Work and Methods.

Sixteen Illustrations.. . . . • • 171

Baker, C. H. Collins. The Paintings of Prof. Henry Tonks. Eight Illustrations. 3

Bell’s, Mr. Robert Anning, Work as a Painter. By T. Martin Wood. Nine Illustrations .... 255

Bone, Herbert A. Pictorial Stencilling: some Experiments and Results. Eighteen Illustrations . . 191

Brochner, Georg. Some Notable Swedish Etchers. Ten Illustrations . 14

Charcoal Drawings of Henri Harpignies, The. By Henri Frantz. Eight Illustrations . . • 263

Contemporary Japanese Painting. By Sei-ichi Taki. Eleven Illustrations ...... 97

Domestic Architecture, Recent Designs in. Twenty-one Illustrations ...... I33> 2I3

Erskine, Mrs. Steuart. The Drawings of Lady Waterford. Eight Illustrations ..... 283

Exhibition of the Societe des Peintres et Sculpteurs in Paris, The. Eight Illustrations . . . . 271

Frantz, Henri. The Charcoal Drawings of Henri Harpignies. Eight Illustrations .... 263

Goodwin, R.W.S., The Art of Mr. Albert. By A. Lys Baldry. Fourteen Illustrations ... 85

Han key, W. Lee. The Society of Graver-Printers in Colour. Eight Illustrations .... 289

Herkomer’s, Sir Plubert von, Lithographs. Three Illustrations.. 277

Hopwood, R.W.S., Some Paintings and Sketches by H. S. By T. Martin Wood. Seven Illustrations . 27

Lay Figure, The.

On the Claims of the Craftsman.82

On the Chances of the Craftsman . ... . 168

On the Responsibilities of the Craftsman.252

On Principles and Traditions.336

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