Studio: international art — 49.1910

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Recent Designs in Domestic Architecture

Monmouth, rich in tone, by John Varley; some
picturesque scenes around Bath, by Barker of
Bath ; two not very representative Turners, two
good examples of George Harley, some pleasing
Irish scenes by Thomas Walmsley, the Adair, near
Limerick, engraved by Hassell, being very charm-
ing in tone; a characteristic St. Mark's, by Samuel
Prout; a good Samuel Owen, Fishing Boats in a
Breeze, and a small Thomas Girtin. Four attrac-
tive Norwich views suggest the touch of John
Thurtell, or possibly of Ladbrooke. Some very
delicately drawn and engraved
views of Reading by W. H.

Timms, some Irish views by
G. B. Fisher and T. S. Ro-
berts ; an interesting set of
old London views, and two
old American views published
in New York, must also be
mentioned among the land-
scapes. M. Dubourg’s en-
gravings take us into the
regions of history—the Re-
treat from Moscow, and
other episodes of the French
wars, and popular incidents
during the period of Queen
Caroline’s trial. Here, too,
are some very interesting
prints of Nelson’s funeral as
well as a plate representing a
sea-fight, dedicated to Nelson,
and actually published on the
very day of Trafalgar. M. C. S.



The illustrations we give this month
under the above heading relate to three country
houses, two in the Northern counties, and the
other in the Home counties.

The first is a house designed for a site near
Settle in Yorkshire, well sheltered by trees to the
North-West, and with beautiful views of Ribbles-
dale to the South, while from the small North-East


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