Studio: international art — 66.1915

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Recent Designs in Domestic Architecture

for all concerned. If architects who are more
or less idle and are unable to divert their powers
to national purposes can evolve economies to be
practised by their clients in future, they will be
doing good work. The abolition of the chimney
is one of the innovations already proposed. The
dea is to popularise central heating—for cheapness
in house construction, for more even distribution
of warmth, and for less cost in fuel and cleaning.
To carry this proposal into effect building operations
are involved and the matter must be left till after
the war, but the possibilities of this scheme are
worth consideration. The use of peat for fuel will
be more common, probably, during the coming
winter. Some wonderful facts have been recorded
to prove the value of this
substance, and Sir Herbert
Maxwell has stated recently
that he once saw a peat fire
which had been burning or
smouldering for twenty-seven
years without going out.

With peat and wood fires
the grate and chimney must
be of a certain type if the
most pleasant and efficient
heat is to be obtained, but
some arrangements may be
adapted for the purpose.

A cordial welcome may be given to any means
by which architects and artists may be employed
in the difficult days which are casting their shadows
on offices and studios. Much may be done by
combination and efficient organisation to bring
about good results for the benefit of workers and
the community. One of the objects of the newly
formed Civic Arts Association is to ensure the
artistic importance of the war memorials which are
in contemplation and which will be needed more
and more as the ravages of the conflict are felt to
the full extent. Throughout the country such
permanent tributes, large and small, private and
public, will be desired, and those responsible will
do well to obtain professional advice before putting
loading ...