Studio: international art — 66.1915

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some worthy pictures, such
as the portraits by F. T.
Copnall, R. E. Morrison,
Will c. Penn, and G. Hall
Neale; oil landscapes by
James Tt Watts, Herbert
Royle, Thomas Huson,
Hamilton Hay, William
Hoggatt, David Woodlock,
and W. Alison Martin.
Capable subject - pictures
include Sarah Jane by
Gilbert Rogers and Maria
Virgo by Miss May

The chief pictures by
outside artists include the
Chantrey Greiffenhagen,

Women by a Lake, W.

Orpen’s Marchioness of
Headfort and Western
Wedding, Richard Jack’s

admirable portrait of Mr. Pomeroy and his
Homeless, Lee Hankey’s Performitig Bear, Arnesby
Brown’s Wide Marshes, Wilson Steer’s Deserted




Quarry, Gerald Moira’s A July Day, Unduie by
Arthur Rackham, Francis Howard’s Ititerlude, a
nude by A. Mancini, L. G. Macarthur’s Dighting

Beans, Tom
Mostyn’s A
Garden of Peace,
A Sussex Stone
Qu a r ry b y
Oliver Hall,
Howard Somer-
ville’s In the
Studio, No. 2,
Cloudless June
by Jose Weiss,
and H. A. Oli-
vier’s Where
Belgium greeted
Britain. The
Scottish school,
always well
represented at
Liverpool, is
especially so this
year, by a large
number of ex-
hibits, which in-
clude Nether
Lochaber and
two drawings by
D. Y. Cameron,

BY D. Y. CAMERON, A.R.A., A.R.S.A. Gemmell Hut-

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