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No. 4.]

JUNE 28, 1851.

[Price 2d.

€jl* dimm in tju (Cnfatnl ^ate.

The double^page engraving in the centre of our present Number is an accurate representation of the ceremony oi
opening the Great Exhibition on the May-day of this eventful Eighteen Hundred and Fifty-one. The moment
chosen by the artist is that when the Prince Consort, having delivered the address, is about to present to Her
Majesty the Catalogue of the Exhibition. Already have the pens of ready writers been busy with the interesting
task; and we shall not now speak of the details of that majestic and joyful inauguration. To enumerate the
particular occurrences of that eventful day, so widely different in signification, so harmonious in effect, so

dead, etotnar, by professor reitschel, op Dresden.

numerous, and so widely apart, would be no easv task «T« .• ^ I 7'1 *• * ^ ■ a •

a scene so vast, so gorgeous so sol signify by words the emotions of the mind in

were, in most respects different f° CmiU if ^ S° ^ iS utterly impossible. Our own experiences, we confess,
character was unique. The first f V ™ ^ expecte<L The occasion was entirely novel. Its whole

unusual ruffle of delight at hem ^ "^ I**3 tbat °f being overwhelmed with a sense of vastness; our next, an
grandeur; then camera dizZy admiraT.w 1 ^ ^t radiations of dazzling beauty, and such masses of artistic
familiar to our dreams of *]£'■ i7 airy'llke enchantment, which seemed to endow one with a power

H mg smoothly and rapidly over continents, islands, mountains, seas, blending in