The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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mon wealths, and that mankind confidered and
honoured £rtifls as the common benefactors to
human fucietv ; and, in truth, a higher anti-
quity, or a more noble origin, than that of
the pohte arts, cannot pofTibly be conceived.

We fhali begin with Drawing, and range
the treatifes on Defigning, Perlpedive, Co-
lours, Painting, Enamelling, Japanning, Lac-
quering-, Staining, Engraving, Carting, Bronz-
ing, Gilding, Silvering. &c. &c. in regular fuc-
ceffion, under the refpective heads, ii'uflrating
and explaining the mod rrateiial (ubjedls
with elegant engraved defigns.

Thofe mentioned above are the principal
topics by which this work is intended to pro-
mote the improvement of the more curious
kinds of manufactures: but, befides thole ar-
ticles, there is a number of others, of con-
Jiderable moment, touched upon in this vo-
lume ; fome in a more copious, and others
only in a brief manner, according to the im-
portance of the matter, or the room given for
an advantageous enlargement.

The judgment or fkill of the author, in the
defign, or execution of this performance, he
candidly defires to iubmit to the public, and
hopes that the iyilem of inflruction here laid
down, will furnifli fuch ideas, as, with the
alhflance ol practice, will readily enable thofc
who wifh to attain a thorough knowledge of
the arts, to reach the fumfnit of their de-
fires, which is Lis fole aim in pubiilhing this

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