The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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over the fhoulders, lorae notice fhould be taken of
the large mufcle that rifes from behind the ear, and
is inferted into the pit between the collar bones-
All inferior mufcles fhould be, in general, quite
avoided. The ftudent will find this caution ne-
ceffarv, as moft fubjedts, efpecially thin perfons,
have the mufcles of the neck much more evident
than would be judicious to imitate. As few necks
are too long, it may be neceffary to give fome addi-
tion to the item, a fault on the other fide being
quite unpardonable, nothing being more ungraceful
than a fhort neck. In colouring the neck, let the
ftudent preferve the Item of a pearly hue, and the
light not fo ftrong as on the cheft. If anv part of
the b re a ft appears, it's tranfparency muffc alio be ex-
preffed by pearly teints, but the upper part of the
cheft fhould be coloured with beautiful vermillions,
delicately blended with the other.


THE perfection of the crayons confifts, in a great
meafure, in their foftnefs, for it is impoffible to
execute a brilliant picture with them if they are
otherwife, on which account great care fhould be
oblerved in the preparing them, to prevent their
being hard.—In all compofitions, flake white, and
white lead fhould be wholly rejected, becaufe the
flighteft touch with either of thefe will unavoidably
turn black.

The ufual objection to crayon paintings is, that
they are lubjeci to change, but whenever this happens

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