The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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,-: Take of ifinglafs fix ounces ; reduce it to a
4 lize, by diffolving it over the fire in double its
: weight of water. Take then of Spanifh liquorice
; one ounce : and diffolve it alfo in double its
' weight of water ; and grind up with it an ounce
; of ivory black, prepared as above directed in
u p. 82. Add this mixture to the fize while hot ;
t; and ftir the whole together till all the ingredients

be thoroughly incorporated. Then evaporate away
<; the water in a balneo mariae, and caft the remain-
i; ing compofition into leaded moulds greafed ; or
i; make it up in any other form.'5

The preceding are the chief of the fubftances
there will be occafion to mention in drawing and
painting ; but crayon and enamel colours will be
treated of in their places.


"TO A I N TI N G is the art of reprefenting on a flat
luperficies, by the du6t of draught, and the de-
grees of colours, all forts of vifible obje£ts.

This definition contains three things, viz. the
draught, the colours, and the compofition ; and
though this laft part does not appear expreffed in a
very clear manner in this definition, it can, not-
withstanding, be underftood by thefe laft words,
vifible objects, containing the matter of the fubjefts,
which the painter propofes to reprefent.

The compofition contains two things, viz. the
invention and the difpofition. By the invention, a
painter muft find and intoduce into his fubjeft, the

L 2 objects
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