The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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The dry needle (fo called becaufe not ufed till the
ground is taken off the plate) is principally employ-
ed in the extreme light parts of water, fky, drapery,
architecture, &c.

For your fir It practice, copv fuch prints as are
openly (haded, the more finifhed ones being too
difficult, till you have gained farther experience.

Great choice of prints of every kind, fit for young
beginners, may be had where this book is published,

N. B. To prevent any obftruction from too great a
degree of liidit ; we fhould recommend the ufe of a
fafh, made of tranfparent or fan paper, pafted on a
frame, and placed Hoping, at a convenient difiance
between your work and the light. This will net
only preferve the fight, but, when the fun fhines,
cannot poffibly be difpenicd with.




rJ^HIS art, which is of late date, is recommenc-
ed to the practice of the ingenious reader, for
the amazing eafe with which it is executed, Spe-
cially by thofe who have any notion of drawing.

Mezzotinto prints are thofe which have no etch-
ing or ftrokes of the graver, but whofe lights and
fhades are blended together, and appear like a draw-
ing of Indian ink.

The tools ufed in this art are, the copper plate,
oil-ftone, grounding-tools, fcraper, burnifher, and

Directions for laving the mezzotinto ground.—■
Mark off upon the bottom of the plate the diftance

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