The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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The pan being thus prepared, they cover up the
furnace with tiles, on a {quare tabie of earthenware,
ciofely luted ail round; only, leaving five little aper-
tures, one at each corner, and another in the mid-
dle, to ferve as chimi-hes. Things thus difpofed,
there remains nothing but to srive the fire to the
work. The fire for the firft two hours muft be very
moderate, and muft be increafed in proportion as
the coclion advances, for the fpace of ten or twelve
hours; in which time it is ufually compieated. At
laft the fire, which at firft was charcoal, is to be
of dry wood, fo that the flame covers the whole pan,
and even hTues out at the chimneys.

During the laft hours, they make effays, from
time to time, by taking eut pieces laid for the pur-
pofe, through the little aperture of the furnace and
pan, to fee whether the yehow be perfect, and the
other colours in good order. When the annealing
is thought fufficient, they proceed with great hafte to
extinguifh the fire, which otherwife would foon burn
the colours, and break the glafies.

■+# >V-K= »V-K= frM* ^H-K- »V-K H-** >V**-<*


BY japanning is to be here underftood the art of
covering bodies by ground* of opake colours
in varnifh; which may be either afterwards deco-
rated by paintings or gilding, or left in a plain
ftate. This is not at prefent pra&ifed fo frequently
on chairs, tables and other furniture of houfes, ex-
cept tea waiters, as formerlv. But the introduction of
it for ornamenting coaches, fnuff-boxes and fkreens,

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