The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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When drinking glades arc to be gilt, without burn-
ne, the cement fhould be either Come gold hze
ormed of oil, or foroe kind of varnifh compounded
f the gum refms. that will not diffolve in water, but
equire either fpirit of wine, or oil of turpentine for
their folution. At prefent, neverthelefs, this is not
only neglected by thofe who gild drinking glades for
fale, but glaffes gilded with gum arabic, or the
hich will diffolve in water, are impoled upon the
public for the German glaffes, gilt with the annealed
gold, and fold at a dear rate under that pretence ;
though, after they have been ufed for a very fhort
time, the gold peels and rubs off in fpots when the
glaffes are cleaned, and renders them very unfightly.

s the glaffes with gilt edges are at prefent much in
fafhion, and the true kind are brought from Germany,
or elfewhere, the incitement of the cultivating this
branch of gilding here, would not be an unfit object

O O fi■ . **

of the premiums of the worthy fociety for the en-
couragement of arts, fmce for the doing this work
in perfection, there is nothing more wanting, than
that dexterity of the manoeuvre, which arifes from a
little practice in matters of this kind.


CILVERIXG may he pradifed on the fame
fubftances, and by the fame methods, either with
leaf or powder, we have before pointed out with
regard to gilding, variation being made in a few
circumftanccs below mentioned ; it is nevertheleis
butfeldom ufed5 notwithstanding the effect would be

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