The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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ing fir ft the great folds, and then properly dividing
them by ftrokes that do not crofs, nor are yet loo
parallel. But fome ufeful remarks from a work
lately publifhed, include every other neceffary ob-
fer vation concerning the human body:

c: Some artifts reject the ufe of drawings or prints
<{ for the ftudents imitation : it is, fay they, a fer-
" vile method of proceeding, becaufe it cramps the
" ideas ; and hence genius fuffers too great a con-
" finement. Notwith (landing this, the ufual prac-
" tice is to copy after prints and drawings at firft,
': and I imagine experience has determined the ad-
'; vantages accruing from this method. To fet the
(: drawings (in particular) of the moft eminent art-
M ifts before a young beginner, at his firft commence-
<; raent, muft be highly beneficial, as it moft undoubt-
t: edly will prevent rudenefs and inaccuracy, againft
'■' which the moft exa£t cannot be too much guard-
<: ed. How much more then ought the vounj ftu-
" dent to obferve this caution ? Some geniufes re-
<: quire redaction, and when this happens to be the
li cafe, the placing of accurate works before them
t; muft hold them in fubjeftion, from which alone
" correftnefs is to be expected. Exact, copies are
" abfolutcly to be required at firft. This will im-
{: perceptibly produce a habit of correftnefs, till bv
£: degrees the ftudent will make himfelf mafter of
'\thofe grand effentials to perfection, truth, bold-
': nefs, and freedom. Truth will be acquired by
" this accuftomed correftnefs, boldnefs and free-
t: dom will follow after as the certain confequence,
" and on thofe the excellence of the performance
'; muft depend : copying the drawings of good
" mafters has alfo another conhderable advantage,

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