The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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tc teaching a good method of execution, by which
" many laborious and fruitlefs efforts will be pre-
*' vented.'''


JT^ E S I G N is ufed in painting, for the flrft idea
of a large work, drawn roughly, and in little,
with an intention to be executed and fmifhed in

It is the fimple contour, or out-lines of the figures
intended to be reprefented, or the lines that termi-
nate and circumf'cribe them : fuch defign is fome-
times drawn in crayons, or ink, without any fha-
dows at all; fometimes it is hatched; that is, the
fhadows are expreffed by fenfible out-lines, ufually
drawn acrofs each other with the pen, crayon, or
graver. Sometimes, again, the fhadows are done
with the crayon rubbed fo that there does not ap-
pear any lines ; at other times the grains or ftrokes
of the crayon appear, as not being rubbed; fome-
times the defign is wafhed ; that is, the fhadows are
done with a penciL in Indian ink, or fome other li-
quor ; and fometimes the defign is coloured ; that is,
colours are laid on much like thofe intended for the
ground work.

The effential requifites of a defign are correftnefs,
good tafte, elegance, character, diverfity, expreflion,
and perfpeclive. Correftnefs depends on the juft-
nefs of the proportion, and knowledge of anato-
my. Tafte is a certain manner of corxeclnefs pecu-
liar to one's felf, derived either from nature, maf-

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