The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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1 colour. Let it then be thoroughly ground in this
6 mortar, with water, and afterwards wafhed with
" feveral fucceffive quantities. It mufl then be
" thoroughly well levigated on a ftone, and dried."

The YELLOW WASH, from the French hsrries.

'■' Take a pound of the French berries, and put to
Ci them a gallon of water, with half an ounce of
" alum : boil them an hour in a pewter veffel, and
"then filter off the fluid, through paper if>it be
'; defigned for nicer purpofes, or flannel for more
" ordinary. Put them again into the boiler, and
c; evaporate the fluid till the colour appear of
<: the ftrength defired ; or part may be taken out
" while lefs ftrong, and the reft evaporated to a pro-
{: per bodv."

It mav be ufed in water as a wafhing colour, and
is applicable to many material purpofes, as it may
be made of almoft any degree of deepnefs.


The gum made from the turmeric-root diffolved in
water, ferves for the fame purpofes of the yellow-
berry-wafh—but to procure a bright tincture, it muft:
be diffolved in fpirit of wine inftead of water, by the
following; method.

': Take two ounces of proof fpirit, and add to it
<: one ounce of water. Being put into a proper
t: phial, add two drams of turmerieroot in powder.
t; Shake them well together, and then let them Hand
" three or four days, repeating the fhaking as often
" as convenient; and a ftrong tinciure will be thus
c: obtained."

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