The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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" weak fpirit of fal ammoniacus diflilled with lime.
<; Stop the phial cloie, and leave the archal to in-
" fufe till a ftrong bluifh purple tincture be formed."



Among the variety of methods for preparing this
pigment, the following is one of the beil ;

" Take of French berries one pound; of fuftic
" wood in chips half a pound, and of pearl allies
': one pound. Boil them in a tin boiler, with a gal

Ion and a half of water, for an hour; and then
" ftrain off the tincture through flannel while the
ii fluid is boilincr hot. Having prepared, in the

o oil?

'; mean time, a folution of a pound ^and a half of
': alum, put it gradually to the tincture, fo long; as
" an ebullition fhall appear. Proceed then to wafh
': the fediment as in the manner directed for the
£; lakes ; and being brought, by filtering through
'•' paper with a linen cloth, to a proper confiftence,
'; dry it on boards in fquare pieces."

Its goodnefs may be judged of by its tranfparency,
in every quality but that of Handing ; which can
only be known on trial.


This colour is extremely ferviceable in water, if
procured good, which may be done by the following
recipe :

£: Take

* Class VI. BROW X.
Brown pink. Terra japonica, or japan earth.

Biflrc. Umbre.
Brown oker. Afphaltum.

Cologn, or Collin's earth. Spanifh juice, or extraft of liquorice.
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