The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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the eye is made of umber, feacoal black and a little
white mixed together: the round ball in the eye
of lamp black and verdigrife, fince the lamp black
will hardly dry without it. The fame colours ufed
in painting and fhadowmg the face, are ufed in
painting the hands, and fhadowing them between
the fingers. When a painter wants to make a flefh
colour of a fwarthy complexion, he mixes white
lead, lake, and yellow oker together, and fhadows
it with a mixture of umber and feacoal black.

For black hairs he ufes lamp black only, and
when he will have them brighter, mixes it with a
little umber, white and red lead ; putting in more
umber if he wants them browner, and more white
lead, if whiter ; but if quite dark, he adds a little
feacoal black. Yellow hairs are made of a mixture
of mafticot, umber, yellow oker, and a little red
lead; increafing the quantity of umber and red lead,
if they be wanted redder. For white hairs he takes
an equal quantity of ivory black, and of umber,
viz. half of each, and tempers them well upon his
pallat with white lead, taking more or lefs of thofe
three colours, according as the hairs are to be height-
ened or deepened.

The teeth are made of white lead, and fhadowed
with charcoal black.

As to the different fluffs the figures are to be
cloathed with, it muft be left entirely to tjie ima-
gination and judgment of the painter.

The feveral colours ufed in painting, are alfo
called teints, and femi-teints; confidering the co-
lours as more or lefs high, or bright, or deep, or
thin, or weakened and diminifhed, &c. to give
the proper relievo, or foftnefs, for diftance, &c.

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