The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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When the fet of crayons is compleated according
to the rules prefcribed, they fhould be arranged in
claffes for the convenience of painting with them.
Some thin drawers, divided into a number of par-
titions, is the moft convenient method of difpofing
them properly. The crayons fhould be depohted
according to the feveral gradations of light. The
bottom of the partitions mud be covered with bran,
as a bed for the colours, becaufe it not only prefcrves
them clean, but prevents their breaking.

The box made ufe of when the ftudent paints,
fhould be about a foot fquare, with nine partitions.
In the upper corner, on the left hand (fupponng the
box to be in the lap when he paints) let him place
the black and grey crayons, thofe being the moitfel-
dom ufed ; in the fecond partition, the blues : in the
third, the greens and browns ; in the fift partition
on the left hand of the fecond row. the carmines,
lakes, vermillions, and all deep reds ; the yellows
and orange in the middle, and the pearly teints
next; and as thefe laft are of a very delicate nature,
they mufl be kept very clean, that the gradations of
colour may be eafily diftinguifhed : In the loweft
row, let the fir ft partition contain a piece of fine
linen rag to wipe the crayons with while they are
ufing; the fecond, all the pure lake and vermil-
lion teints ; and the other partition may contain
thofe teints, which, from their complex nature,
cannot be clafTed with any of the former.

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