The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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which fpirit of wine mud be (trained from off the
dregs, before the feed-lac be added to it, to form the

The feed-lac varnifh is not equally injurious here,
and with greens, as in the cafe of other colours ; be-
caufe, being only tinged with a re-ddifh yellow, it is lit-
tle more than an addition to the force of the colours.

Yellow grounds may be likewife formed of the
Dutch pink only ; which, when good, will not be
wanting in brightnefs, though extremely cheap.

Of green japan grounds.—Green grounds may be
produced by mixing king's yellow and bright Pruffian
blue ; or rather, turpeth mineral and Pruffian blue.
A cheap, but fouler kind, may be had from verdi-
grife, with a little of the abovementioned yellows, or
Dutch pink. But where a very bright green is
wanted, the chryftals of verdigrife (called diftilled
verdigrife) fhould be employed ; and, to heighten
the effect, they mould be laid on a ground of leaf
gold, which renders the colour extremely brilliant
and pleafmg.

They may any of them be ufed fuccefsfully with
good feed-lac varnifh, for the reafon before given ;
but will be ftill brighter with the white varnifh.

Of orange-coloured japan grounds.—Orange-co-
loured japan grounds maybe formed, by mixing ver-
million, or red lead, with king's yellow, or Dutch,
pink ; or red orpiment, will make a brighter orange
ground than can be produced by any mixture.

Of purple japan grounds.—Purple japan grounds
may be produced by the mixture of lake, and Pruffian
blue; or a fouler kind, by vermillion and Pruffian,
blue. They may be treated as the refh with refpect
to the varnifh,
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