The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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brought bv the manner of preparation ufed by the
c:versj of whom indeed it muft be had, as it can-
not be properly fo prepared but in large quantities,
and with a particular apparatus. The method of
flaming blue with the copper is as follows :

'•' Take a folution of copper, made according to
" the directions in p. 63 ; and brufh it, while hot,
4; Feveral times over the wood. Then make a folu-
" tion of pearl afhes, in the proportion of two ounces
t: to a pint of water, and brufh it hot over the wood
t; flained with the folution of copper, till it be of a
" perfectly blue colour."

Wood flained green as above by verdigrife, may
likewife be made blue, by ufmg the folution of the
pearl afhes in the fame manner.

When indigo is ufed for ftainins wood blue, it
muft be managed thus :

t: Take indigo prepared with foap lees, as when
<; ufed by the dyers, and brufh the wood with it
l- boiling hot. Prepare then a folution of white tar-

tar, or cream of tartar, which is to be made, by
<; boilincr three ounces of the tartar, or cream, in a
s; quart of water; and with this folution, ufed co-
" pioufly, brufli over the wood before the moifture
t: of the tinfturc of indigo be quite dried out of it."

Thefe blues may be ruflied and varnifhed as the
reds, where there is occaf.on.

Of fhaininff wood of mahogany colour.—Maho-
gany colour is the moft ufeful of any ftain for wood
(efpeciallv fmce fineering with different colours is
out of fafhion) as it is much praftifed at prefent for
chairs and other furniture, made in imitation of ma-
hogany: which, when well managed, may be brought
to have a verv near refemblance.

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