The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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over them to kindle the others, fo that the heat may-
be gently conveyed to the mould ; and after it has
glowed fome time, and you think the infeft, or plant,
is confumed to afhes, let it cool of itfelf with the fire
about if, to hinder the air coming to it. When
your mould is cold, open the hole for the inlet, and
either with your breath, or with a little hand fpout
that is moift, draw out the afhes, and your mould
is ready.

You may alfo burn thofe moulds in a muffle, if you
clofe the muffle to prevent the air coming in, and lay
the coals on and clow it as has been direfted. After
you have taken out the mould, put the fame in warm
fand, and having your filver, or other metal ready
melted, pour it in quick ; but if you caft filver, fling
into the flux a little fal-armoniac and borax, mixed
together; after it is caft, let the mould cool a little,
then quench it in water, and the plaifter will fall off
of itfelf, brufh the filver clean, and anneal and boil
it as has been already directed.

To caft vegetables or infects in another manner : —
Tie your plant, fprig, or infeft, with a fine thread to
a little ftick, dip either of them into brandy, and let
it dry a little, then temper your plaifter of Paris, pre-
pared as before direfted, with water of fal-armoniac,
pretty thin, and dip your plant, or infeft in it all over ;
then put the little ftick in the hole againfta wall, or
any thing elfe, let it hang free, and in the drying
you may difplay the leaves of the plant, or legs of the
infeft. as you would have them ; and when you have
done this, hang it in the coffin, the little ftick may
reft on each end of the coffin ; then, pouring your
plaifter over, you will have an exaft mould; then
proceed as direfted before.

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