The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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which raufl be diftinguifhed by the finger, in the
lame manner as with the fat oil ; the having a proper
clamminefs, or {ticking quality, without being fo fluid
as to take to the finger, being alike the criterion in
both cafes ; being found of a proper drvnefs, when
the gold powders are to be ufed, a piece of the foft
leather, called wafh-Ieather, wrapt round the fore-
finger, muft be dipped in the powder, and then rub-
bed very lightly over the fized work ; or, what is
much better, the powder may be fpread by a foft
camel's hair brufh. : the whole bein^ covered, it
muft be left to dry, and the loofe powder may then
be cleared away from the gilded part, and collected,
by means of a foft camel's hair brufh. When leaf
gold is ufed, the method of fizing muft be the fame
as for the powders, but the point of due drvnefs is
very nice, and delicate in thefe cafes ; for the leaves
muft be laid on while the matter is in a due Itate,
otherwife the whole of what is done muft be fized
and gilt over again.

When more gold fize is mixed up with the oil of
turpentine and vermillion, than can be ufed at any
one time, it may be kept by immerfing it under water
till it be again wanted ; which is indeed a general
method of preferving all kind of paint, or other fuch
compofitions as contain oily fubftances.

Of gilding paper, and vellum, or parchment:—•
there are a varietv of methods ufed for gilding paper,
according to the feveral ends it is defined to anfwer ;
but for the molt part, fize, properly fo called, and
gum water, are ufed as the cements, and the powders
are more generally employed than the leaf gold. As
I have given the preparation of thefe feveral fub-
ftances before, it is needlcfs to repeat them here;


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