The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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when dry. on a fand furnace, to diftil the vinegar
from it; do not give it too much heat left the fluff"
fhould fwell up.

After this put the vinegar into another glafs cu-
curbite, in which there is a quantity of feed pearl,
\vrapt in a piece of thin filk, but fo as not to touch
the vinegar; put a cover, or head, Upon the cucur-
bitc ; lute it well, and put it in balneum mariae,
where you may let it remain a fortnight. The "heat
of the balneum will raife the fumes of the vinegar,
and they will foften the pearls in the filk, and bring
them to the confidence of a pafte ; which being
done, take them out, and mould them to what big-
nefs, fhape and form you pleafe. Your mould miift
be of fine ftlver, the inhde gilded: you muft alio
refrain from touching the pafte with your fingers,
but ufe hlver gilded utenfils, with which fill your
moulds: when you have moulded them, bore them
through with a hog's briftle, or gold wire, and
let them dry a little ; then thread them again on
a gold wire, and put them in a glafs : clofe it up,
and fet them in the lun to dry ; after they are
thoroughly dry, put them, in a glafs matrafs, into a
ftream of running water, and leave them there
twenty days ; bv that time thev will contract the

J J * J J

natural hardnefs and. folidity of pearls. Then take
them out of the matrafs and hancr them in mercury
water, where they will rnoiften, fweil, and affume
their oriental beauty; after which flaift them into a
matrafs, hermetically clofed up, to prevent any
water coming to them, and let it down into a well,
to continue there about eight days; then draw the
matrafs up, and in opening it you will find pearls
exactly relembling the oriental ones. This method

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