The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences: Calculated for the Improvement of Genius. Illustrated with Copper-Plates — Birmingham, [ca. 1785]

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T>eat it to a fine powder, and grind it well with the
white of an egg, and it joins china without riveting,
fo that no art'can break it again in the fame place.
You are to obferve that the compofition is to be
ground extremely fine on a painter's ftone.

A good common cement : — Beat the white of an
egg very clear, and mix it in lime in very fine
powder; join the broken pieces together with this
and let them ftand till they are quite dry.

A very ftrong cement for broken chinaware : —
Take equal parts of ifinglafs, maftic, and turpentine ;
beat them together in a ftone mortar till they are
well united, and then join the pieces well together.
They will fooner break in a new than the old place.
If the turpentine is not enough to render the other
ingredients of a proper confiftence, add more till
it is.

To join broken amber:—Anoint the pieces with,
linfeed oil, and hold them as clofe to the fire as you
can till they flick, and then fet them by to dry at

A certain method to whiten ivory :—When ivory
is turned yellow or red with long keeping, boil it in
ftrong lime water, fuppofe a pound of lime to a quart
of water, and if that has not the defired effeft, add
more lime. This method never fails to bring it to
a proper whitenefs.

To make fine hard red fealing-wax :---Take of
gum lac. or fhell lac, half a pound ; melt it in an
earthen veflel, and then add an ounce and a half or
two ounces of vermillion, in very fine powder;
when they are well mixed over the fire, and are
be come of a proper coolnefs, make them into flicks
or balls. If you would have a coarfer fort, take

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