Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1905 (Heft 9)

Page: 54
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"Ain’ beauty gwine hab no show in dese yeah Christmas gif’s,” it ses.
" Yaas, deah,” ses Marse Adam; “pretty soon, "he ses. “An' yo' am
de Rinosriss," he ses to de nex' beast.
" YAAS, SAH,” ses de Rinosriss, touchin' hes ho’n jes' like he sho'-
'nuff quality.
But de Lion he been gittin’ maddah an’ maddah, an' he ses, wid a
mighty big roah:
“I am de king ob beastises,” he ses, " an’ it am onsuit-
able," he ses, “dat l should be kep’ waitin’ fo’ trash,” he ses.
‘‘Yaas, deah,” ses Marse Adam. " An' yo’ am de Cammil,” he ses to
de nex' beast.
“Yaas, Sah, Yaas, Sah,” ses de Cammil, kin' o' humpin' heself.
“ An' yo' am — ” begun Marse Adam, when up come de Crokodile,
weepin’ big roun'teahs an' sobbin',
"Huccum yo' leab me fo' de las', Marse Adam?” he ses. “Dey ain'
none of ’em got my powahs ob Emotiun,” he ses.
“ Yaas, deah,” ses Marse Adam, “pretty soon,” he ses.
An' de Skeet he pipes up an' ses:
" I had suttinly thought I was gwine to be de Ephlunt,” he ses, “fo’ I have de sharpes’ probosiss,” he ses.
An’ de Lady-bug ’low as how she thought dat dey had her spotted fo'
a Leopa'dat de vehy leas'.
An’ de fus’ting yo' know de Gahd’n ob Edom war a Hurrah's
nes' o’ purlite kickin', in which yo' could'n'heah yo’ own eahs buzzin'.
" Well, sah, ’long about six o'clock Marse Adam he knock off fo' sup-
pah, an' befo’ he 'gun to eat he say grace. “ O Lawd,” he ses, “ I guess
yo'mought’s well brung 'long dat woman,” he ses. “ It 'pears like I war
boun' to hab trubbul,” he ses, “ an’ I spec I'd jes'’s well go de whole
hawg,” he ses.
An’ now, honey, yo' listen to yo' Uncle ’Rastus. Things ain’ change
as much since Marse Adam war ten'in’ gahd’n as some people likes to let
on. Folks am jes' about as queah crittahs now as dey ebah war, an'de
easies'way in de worl' ob conjuratin’ trubbul am to try an' holp ’em along.
J. B. Kerfoot

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