Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1905 (Heft 9)

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(Founded February 17, 1902)
The efforts to establish the recognition of pictorial photography prior
Its aims are:
to 1902 had drawn together those American workers who, actuated by
certain ideals, had found a common sympathy, interest, and belief. This
community of interest led to the actual founding of the Photo-Secession as
the first American body devoted exclusively to pictorial photography.
To hold together those Americans devoted to pictorial photography,
Membership is divided into two classes: Fellows and Associates.
Fellowship is elective and dependent upon work; Associateship being open
to all, whether photographers or not, in complete sympathy with Photo-
Secession ideals.
The following is a record of the activities of the organization, as an
organization, since its foundation :
to all, whether photographers or not, in complete sympathy with Photo-
Secession ideals.
organization, since its foundation :
Exhibition at the National Arts Club, New York.
Loan Collection at the Turin, Italy, Exposition of Decorative Arts.
Invitation Loan Collections were sent to the following exhibitions:
St. Petersburg, Russia—International Photographic Exhibition.
Wiesbaden, Germany — International Pictorial Photographic Portrait Ex-
Denver, Colorado — Salon.
Minneapolis, Minnesota — Salon.
Cleveland, Ohio — Camera Club Salon.
Rochester, New York—Camera Club Exhibition.
Paris, France — Photo-Club Salon.
Toronto, Canada — Camera Club Exhibition.
Cercle de l'Effort Exhibition at Brussels, Belgium.
Hamburg, Germany—International Photographic Exhibition.
Photo-Secession Exhibitions were held at:
The Corcoran Art Galleries, Washington, D. C.
Pittsburg Art Galleries, Carnegie Institute.
Invitation Loan Collections were sent to:
Bradford Art Galleries, England.
Cercle de l' Effort Salon at Brussels, Belgium.
Paris, France—Photo-Club Salon.
The Hague, Holland—International Photographic Exhibition.
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