Studio: international art — 29.1903

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The Arts and Crafts Exhibition.

lines, the quiet and simple
artist, whose glory two
nations share, is quietly
sitting at his working table
in the solitude of his little
country cottage near Bras-
ted, engaged in increasing
his splendid store, without
thought of the noisy world
outside, or of the laurels
which shall be showered on
him, with the serenity of
the sage who esteems
labour itself as the sweetest
fruit of his travailing.
Leonce Benedite.


he arts
and crafts
at the new gal-

L_JL_lci,_!!l.---------_-^«=r_ 3SL!3HHKka lery: fourth

study for a fountain by alphonse legros notice.

Considering the large

try all the arts, as did the great artists of the proportion of writing-tables among the furniture
sixteenth century, and his sense of method and exhibits, it is a little surprising not to find more
reflection, which grew with his years, facilitated his variety in their design and structure. The favourite
attempts in this new direction He has created model of the moment seems to be the compact
many works of sculpture
which, despite their restraint,
have become famous, notably
his Fe7iime de Pkheur, his
Mask of Miss Swainson, that
delightful little torso which is
as much admired at the South
Kensington Museum as at the
Luxembourg; and, above all,
that monumental fountain of
his done for the Duke of
Portland, wherein he shows
not only the very special
qualities demanded of the
genuine sculptor, but also
those of an architect and
decorator of uncommon

His entire work, whether
painted, drawn, engraved, or
sculptured, represents enor-
mous achievement, in which
exceptionally fine results

r j . pulpit in oak inlaid with ebony designed by h. wilson

abound. And as i write these executed by c. trask and sons
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