Studio: international art — 29.1903

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Studio- Talk

"femme a la toilette" by saglio

As to M. Lhermitte, I need say nothing in praise
of his noble ideas or of his country life.

In so short an article I cannot dwell on any
but the most important works : I shall omit any
long list of names, to mention those only of
some of the most original artists. Such, as it
seems to me, is M. Anquetin, who, in a. small
picture called Evening, has achieved effects of
colour and texture which are quite unique; it is
a relief to the eye after so many dull and in-
different pictures. Another fine colourist is
Anglada, who, like Anquetin, seeks inspiration
in nocturnal and squalid Paris. Spain sends us
another artist of marked personality, Santiago
Rusihol, who paints the gardens of Majorca, with
their high terraces, splendid with vegetation, and
their solitary flights of steps and large marble basins.

Among the various foreigners who exhibit here I
must not omit Thaulow, a master in his way, who
sees into the heart of things; nor Claus, who renders
with amazing fidelity the most complicated effects
of light; nor Courtens and Willaert, the poets of
the dead-alive towns of the Netherlands.

A few pleasing studies of interiors attract the

eye, by Lobre and W. Gay, who paint the halls
of Versailles ; and we have scenes by Saglio, who
aims simply at harmony; Prinet, whose certainty
of hand grows upon him ; Guiguet, and Morriset,
And after having paused before M. Prouve's strong
decoration I must finallymention the brilliant fancies
of La Touche, and the powerful studies by Roll—
painters so dissimilar and so strongly characterised
—who contribute in no small degree to the interest
of this exhibition. Henri Frantz. '


(From our own Correspondents.)

LONDON.—The two supplemental plates
accompanying these notes are a repro-
duction of M. Paul Helleu's dry-point
portrait of his charming daughter, which
was one of the features of the recent Exhibition of
the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers, and a coloured
illustration of a water-colour by Mr. William Rankin.
Mr. Rankin is a new recruit in the ranks of water-

the war memorial at waal by h. von herkomer
the gilt-bronze plaque

(See London Studio-Talk.)
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