Studio: international art — 29.1903

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Awards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

modelling in the living form can be affected by
conditions of health and mode of life. In this last
work he deals with what may fairly be called a
national type—the unusually proportioned figure
characteristic of the women of Japan. He gives a
number of illustrations reproduced from photo-
graphs of living people, and many reproductions
of drawings by Japanese artists. These illustra-
tions demonstrate effectively what is the basis upon
which the decorative convention used in that
country has been built up, and they are well worth
studying on that account. The book is an
excellent record of close and careful research.

Murillo, by Dr. Williamson ; Correggio, by
Leader Scott ; Sir John Millais, by A. Lys
Baldry. (London : Bell & Sons.) is. net
each.—These charming little volumes, each by
an author whose mark has long been made in
art literature, are worthy of the well-known series
to which they belong. They give in a remarkably
succinct yet eminently readable form the main
facts of the career and the most salient charac-
teristics of the work of three men of universally
acknowledged pre-eminence. The illustrations,
although they suffer necessarily from the great
reduction of size, and the want of margin, are
excellent. They have been selected with great
care from amongst paintings in public galleries,
and are in every case truly typical of their author's
style. In the "Murillo," Dr. Williamson has in-
cluded the exquisite Vision of St. Antony, now at
Berlin, and the beautiful Head of the Child
Christ, in the British National Gallery. In the
" Correggio," to which a melancholy interest
attaches as one of the last works of the gifted
authoress, who passed away a few months ago, are
the Naples Marriage of St. Catherine, and the
Holy Night of the Dresden Gallery; and in the
" Millais," which, by the way, is a brilliant bit of art
criticism, are the remarkably typical Souvenir of
Velasquez, and Christ in the house of His Parents.

Design for a Small Clock Case.
The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been won
by Lamplighter (J. P. Hully, New Road, Lan-

The Second Prize {One Guinea) by Craft
(Fred. White, 19 Amott Road, East Dulwich,
London, S.E.).

Hon. Mention : Tramp (David Veazey); Skulle

(W. H. Dry); Fidget (W. T. Clayton); Mark
Tafiley (Will C. Dixon); Dogrose (Arthur S. Atkin-
son) ; Eddisbury (G. H. Day); and Coon (R. C.

Design for a Seal.
The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been
awarded to .S. (Frank Bowcher, 35 Fairfax Road,
Bedford Park, W.).

The Second Prize (One Guinea) to Dandelion
(Lucy Renouf, "Auckland," Roseville Street,

Hon. Mention : Isca (Ethel Larcombe); Curlew
(L. G. Bird); Dandelion (Lucy Renouf); I Don't
Know (Jacques Bonnier).

A Summer Landscape.
The First Prize {One Guinea) has been awarded
to X Rays (Henry Neville, 81 Revidge Road,

The Second Prize {HaIf-a-Guinea) ■ to Lina
(Gabutti Walter, Dogliani, Cuneo, Italy).

Hon. Mention: Felix (W. M. Blackshaw);
X Fays (H. Neville); Nordheim (Edward Hep-
burn); Focus (Mildred M Carwardine); Tyrofilm
(Walter Jesper); and July (E. Adelot, Brussels).


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