Studio: international art — 29.1903

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chance which brought everything into its right .jjjjj^B^fc- achieved his greatest

place as a matter of course. But this seeming ^BpP^Wa»f|j»^ successes. In the me-

spontaneity was really the result of extreme pre- .JflPv. V Sf\ dallion of His Majesty

cision, and the outcome of methods which were im :' ii King Edward VII.,

unusually exact and carefully contrived. He w& ' from which was taken

concealed with astonishing success the labour V / the design for the new

which actually he expended upon everything \ v, ■''V postage stamps; and in

he did. Few artists have aimed so deliberately the Coronation medals,

at what is per- lord charles beresford the artist has succeeded
haps the most by emil fuchs in imparting to the
difficult form Royal countenance an
of draughts- importance and graciousness of expression—charac-
manship, and teristic traits of the original—which happily have
very few have not been lost in the process of multiplication,
solvedwithsuch Next should be noticed the medals of Major-
completeness General Sir Arthur Ellis, of Lord Charles Beres-
the problem of ford, of Sir George White, and of two charming
combining the juvenile heads, Master Robert Hartmann and
minutest study Master Anthony de Rothschild, all of which may
of nature with be regarded as good examples of low relief. Again,
the sketcher's in the medallion of Queen Victoria, so boldly and
queen victoria by emil fuchs summariness at the same time so delicately treated, we find

of treatment, that queenly bearing characteristic of her late

When, how- Majesty strongly accentuated,

ever, he had once formed his style, he never failed -

in his technical mastery, and to the very last he It is interesting to note the artist's energy and
kept a perfect command
over executive refinements.
Many people have at-
tempted to imitate his draw-
ings, but scarcely anyone
has come near him in those
peculiar characteristics of
handling which belong to
him distinctively. Indeed,
no copyist who did not
understand what intimate
knowledge must underlie
a method as straight-
forward as Phil May's could
ever hope to rival him.


(From our own Correspondents.)

the case of Mr.
Alphonse Legros,
Mr. Emil Fuchs
has been especially at-
tracted by medal work,
and it is in this particular
art—once more restored
to honour by modern

art;sts_that he has king edward vii
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