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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

to see a case of wrong labelling at the Victoria and
Albert Museum corrected (p. 105, note); and a
judicious hint is given as to the state of the valu-
able casts in the Crystal Palace, of great interest,
and unique in England, we are told.

Old St. Pauls. By Canon Benham, D.D.,
F.S.A. (London: Seeley & Co.) 5.9. net; or in cloth,
7s. net.—A thorough master of his subject, Dr. Ben-
ham has given in this scholarly essay an exhaustive
account of the grand building that preceded the
present Cathedral, and was, as is well known,
destroyed in the great fire of 1666. He tells of its
foundation by Bishop Maurice, and notes the
various additions made by his successors, describing
minutely each distinctive feature. Written in a
bright and popular style, full of quotations from
contemporary authors, this well illustrated book
gives a very vivid picture of London during the
evolution of Old St. Paul's, and will be found a
valuable aid, not only to the student of ecclesiastical
architecture, but to all who are interested in Norman
and Tudor London.^

Gedichtevon Heinrich Vogeler. (Berlin: Schuster
und Loffler.)—There is a delightful ring about
some of Mr. Vogeler's poems, and they may be
commended as easily committed to memory by
English children learning German; but the illus-
trations of the work are scarcely worthy of the
name, so sketchy, shadowy, and wanting in character
are the greater number of them.

The Withy Wood. By Frances M. Whitehead.
With Illustrations by the Author. (London :
Skeffington & Sons).—Children will perhaps find
this story interesting and amusing, but there is little
that is original either in it or its illustrations. The
talk of the animals does not impress the reader with
any sense of reality, and the results of Sylvia's dis-
obedience are not such as to justify it in any way.

The Forsaken Merman. By Matthew Arnold.
Decorated by Jean C. Archer. (London : J. M.
Dent.)—Clearly printed, with numerous illus-
trations, amongst which that of the Forsaken
Merman himself is perhaps the most pleasing, this
little volume interprets with fair success the quaint
poem of Matthew Arnold, with its mingled pathos
and humour; but it is a pity that the contrasts
between the black and white of the marginal
decorations are so rigidly sharp.

Messrs. Thomas Agnew & Sons are about to
publish five mezzotints by J. B. Pratt after notable
paintings by David Cox. They will be limited
in number to one hundred and twenty-five impres-
sions of each plate.

(A XL.)
Design for a Weather Vane.
The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been won by
Lsca(E. Larcombe,Wilton Place, St. James's, Exeter).

The Second Prize (One Guinea) by Leo (L. A.
Bowen, 3 St. James's Crescent, Swansea.)

Hon. Mention : Curlew (L. G. Bird; T. Square
(George Hulme); Sou'wester (E. G. Theakston);
Kestrel (Sidney Lewis).

(A XLI.)

Design for a Useful Modern Bedroom Suite.

The First Prize (Five Guineas) has been
awarded to Merry (T. Frost, 26 Kensington Square).

The Second Prize (Three Guineas) to Zephyr
(G. Logan, 17 Ardgowan Street, Greenock, Scotland).

The Third Prize (One Guinea) to Max (Mac-
Lachlan, Leibnitzstrasse 2IV| Mainz, Germany).

Hon. Mention : Curlew (L. G. Bird); Light (S. S.
Turner) ; Quo Vadis (J. Ednie); Damon (C. Shaw) ;
Haymarket(W. M. Robertson); "F" (F. Crossley);
Alex (A. S. Carter) ; and Gracchus (W. Allen).
Designs for Monograms.

The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been
awarded to Philomel (Alfred C. Hooker, in
Gladstone Road, Watford, Herts.).

The Second Prize (One Guinea) to Lsca (Ethel
Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James's, Exeter).

Hon. Mention : Curlew (Lennox G. Bird); House
(H. H. Van Es); Saule Pleureur (Jacques Bonnier);
Nadia (Fernand Thibaut); Hunje (C. W. Simpson);
^-^(H.Niestle); -SV*^ (P. Lancaster); Black LLL.
(M. Hugesell); and Ains (G. A. Hewett).

(C XXX.)
Landscape: Early Spring.

The First Prize (One Guinea) has been won
by Touchstone (F. J. Mortimer, 10 Ordnance Row,

The Second Prize ( Half - a - Guinea ) by
Nordheim (Edward Hepburn, Nordheim, Sidcup,

Hon. Mention : Sol & Co. (R. D. Perceval) ;
Redmund (R. E. Berger); Light (C. E. Colling);
R'eveur (E. Adelot); Kendal (W. E. Dixon);
Milanion (R. Adams); Liza (Mrs. A. Dickmann);
Grosvenor (H. Wanless); H. L. G. (H. L. Groves) ;
Tag (Agnes Mitchell; Ltalia (Italo Bertoglio);
Home Art (Jit. A. Wermund); Concurs (J. Dunlop);
Ver(¥i. W.Burnup); Gellivare (Gunnar Malmberg);
Dranrab (R. C. Tanner); Solitude (J. L. Siev-
wright) ; and Set Square (Arthur Marshall).
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