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The "Instrument" of Institution of the Royal Academy


in chalks and water-colours by Delacroix, for the mentioned, which have been most humbly laid

Femmes d'Alger, of the Louvre. The Claudes and before his Majesty, and received his royal appro-

Watteaus are all most desirable acquisitions; one bation and assent.

of the Watteaus, a sheet-of studies of heads, has "I. The said Society shall consist of forty

that wonderful draughtsman's qualities of delicate members only, who shall be called Academicians

firmness, vivacity of line, and exquisite apprecia- of the Royal Academy; they shall all of them be

tion of his materials, in an almost unapproached artists by profession at the time of their admission

degree. The Head of a Young Man, by Nicolas —that is to say, painters, sculptors, or architects,

Laigneau, is also a welcome addition to the Museum men of fair moral characters, of high reputation in

collection of the work of this artist, best known by their several professions ; at least five-and-twenty

his portrait studies of old age : and if the landscape years of age ; resident in Great Britain ; and not

bearing Gaspar Poussin's name may be thought, members of any other society of artists established

in spite of its charm and of certain Gaspar-like in London.

mannerisms, to betray rather a later and, perhaps, " II. It is his Majesty's pleasure that the follow-

an Italian hand, there can be no doubt about the ing forty* persons be the original members of the

strange, incisive portrait of himself by Nicolas said Society, viz.:—

Poussin, made during recovery from an il'ness, as Joshua Reynolds Richard Wilson

■ i . 11 j• c i j r . ' Benjamin West G. Michael Moser

one might well divme from the haggard features J r ,,.

° . 00 Thomas Sandby Samuel Wale

without the aid of the attesting inscription below. Francis Cotes Peter Toms

John Baker Angelica Kauffmann

HE "INSTRUMENT" OF IN- ^ g™™ uZuo^

STITUTION OF THE ROYAL Thomas Gainsborough William Chambers

apa nTTMV DT7 A T? T Q J. Baptist Cipriani Joseph Wilton

ALAULIVIY U±< AKIb. Jeremiah Meyer George Barret

Francis Milner Newton Edward Penny

[In response to a large number of inquiries for pAUL Sandby Agostino Carlini

information on the subject of the foundation of Francesco Bartolozzi Francis Hayman

the Royal Academy of Arts, we reprint herewith Charles Catton Dominic Serres

. „ . . , . r , Nathaniel Hone John Richards

the original Instrument, which defines the William Tyler Francesco Zuccarelli

Society's constitution and government. A few Nathaniel Dance George Dance

days after the completion of this document, twenty- " III. After the first institution, all vacancies of

eight of the thirty-four Academicians nominated Academicians shall be filled by election from

by the King drew up and signed an obligation by amongst the exhibitors in the Royal Academy; the

which each one undertook to observe all the laws names of the candidates for admission shall be put

and regulations contained in the " Instrument," up in the Academy three months before the day of

and also all other laws, bye-laws, or regulations election, of which day timely notice shall be given

which might be subsequently made for the better in writing to all the Academicians; each candidate

government of the Society.—Editor, The Studio.] shall, on the day of election, have at least thirty

" Whereas sundry persons, resident in this suffrages in his favour, to be duly elected j and he

metropolis, eminent professors of painting, sculp- sha11 not receive his letter of admission till he hath

ture, and architecture, have most humbly repre- deposited in the Royal Academy, to remain there,

sented by memorial unto the King that they are a Picture> bas-relief, or other specimen of his

desirous of establishing a Society for promoting the abilities approved of by the then sitting Council of

Arts of Design, and earnestly soliciting his Majesty's tne Academy.

patronage and assistance in carrying this their plan "IV- For the g°vemment of the Society there

into execution; and, whereas, its great utility hath sha11 be annually elected a President and eight

been fully and clearly demonstrated, his Majesty, other Persons> who shaU form a Council, which

therefore, desirous of encouraging every useful sha11 have the entire direction and management of

undertaking, doth hereby institute and establish a11 the business of the Society ; and all the officers

the said Society, under the name and title of the and servants thereof shall be subservient to the

Royal Academy of Arts in London, graciously said council> which shall have power to reform all

declaring himself the patron, protector, and sup- abuses, to censure such as are deficient in their

porter thereof J and Commanding that it be estab- * The number of members was not actually brought up to forty until

, J__t.U„ f„____„ j 1 , ■ , . » five years later. The names of Johan Zoffany and William Hoare were

hshed under the forms and regulations hereinafter added in ly69 to the.thirty.four artists first nominated by the King.

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