Studio: international art — 33.1905

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Designs for Labourers Cottages


the holy maiden on by olle hjortzbbrg

her way to the temple "

(See article " Swedish Art at the St. Louis Exposition "J



Design for a Row of three Labourers'

as halls and quaintly-devised ingle-
nooks. Our instruction that the ele-
ment of cost would be a strong factor
in the adjudication of the award should
have been the starting-point in con-
sidering the problem, and should have
been sufficient to indicate an eco-
nomical arrangement of plan, and a
simple treatment of elevational features.
The imaginary client for whom the
drawings may be supposed to have
been prepared clearly conditioned the
whole design by the statement as to
economy, and we regret that non com-
pliance with this consideration has
ruled so many of the competitors out
of the category of possible prize-

In this competition we are glad to be able once flH
more to recognise a full and interesting response on <ttg T

the part of our body of competitors. We again asked - jr

them to submit drawings embodying their thought
as applied to the designing of cottages, but we
made their path easier by drawing a sharp and
decisive dividing-line separating the small week-end

home of the man-of-ease from the cottage of the \
worker—such as the farm-labourer and the gardener.
Clear though we meant this line to be, we cannot

honestly say that all the competitors maintained it, "the muser" by professor borjeson

and several of the designs included such luxuries (See article " Swedish Art at the St. Louis Exposition")

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