Studio: international art — 33.1905

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Awards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

maiden the name of Impression is given, and she
is characterised as the embodiment of that emotion
which thrills the soul of every true artist at the
sight of nature, and is as old as the world itself.
Impression, who for the nonce is a definition of
the indefinable, has been, according to M. Breton,
the constant companion of the true artist ever
since the first crude attempts were made to inter-
pret Nature by means of line and colour, but she
has ever quickly deserted the impostor or the fickle
lover. She left France, for instance, after the
French Revolution, and did not return until many
years after the establishment of the Republic,
when, to M. Breton's great joy, she came and
knocked at his own atelier. The concluding
chapter of this truly remarkable book, with its
subtle undercurrent of satire, consists of a conver-
sation between the poet painter and his visitor, in
which it must be confessed the lady scarcely rises
to the occasion. As, profoundly moved, the artist
raised her hands to his lips, feeling them tremble
beneath his caress, the glorious vision faded,
leaving him once more alone, but happy in the
conviction that Impression had been inspired
during the interview " not only with a divine enthu-
siasm for art, but also with the love and tenderness
of a true woman."

Class A. Decorative Art.
A LXII. Design for a Row of Three

Labourers' Cottages.
First Prize (Three Guineas) : Stan (Stanley T.
J. Mobbs, 8 Durham Road, Bradford).

Second Prize {Two Guineas): Angelina (William
Greenwood, 13 Feilden Street, Blackburn).

Hon. Mention : Rosamund (L. N. Sanderson);
Tyrol (L. L. Dussault); Sammy (William J. Moun-
tain) ; Tulip (Walter E. Overthrow) ; Dogrose (A.
Spence Atkinson); Alex (A. Scott Carter) ; Stem
(Edgar Prain); Sandy (Gordon Sanderson); Caliban
(James Ewing) ; Pierrot (Harold Kemp); Acorn
(Douglas H. Smith); Alpha (H. P. King); Alton
(C. W. Allen); Averpop (J. Herbert Jones); By
Gad (Edgar C. Nisbet); Blois (Harry Glenn);
Bobsman (Julian C. Burgess); Corinthian (J. R.
Williams) ; Chickaroo (Ernest W. Pedley); Dogrose
(F. E. Tabberer); Down South (S. P. Scase); Der-
went (P. B. Houfton); Epoh (J. P. Salwey) ;
Economy (C. M. C. Armstrong); Esperanza (H. J.
Richardson) ; Gaville (B. E. Lisle); Grey Fox (H.
W. Mann); Game (J. F. J. Goodacre); Gahpoo
(Ivor P. Jones); Iris (G. W. Poultney); Janus (R.

A. Wilson); Khyaam (G. H. Williams); The Kid
(E. F. Ferry); KydJc (S. N. Cooke); Kenelm (F.
W. B. Yorke); L'Eleve (Alex. Lindsay); Lamartine
(Basil Procter); Miller's Daughter (A. E. Taylor) :
Mick (Ernest Smith) ; Mercia (C. B. Sherwin) ;
Marc (John Wallace) ; Nemo (E. H. Rouse) ; Old
Mercer (E. T. Coldwell) ; Pencil (B. Ashworth);
Poor Man (F. Crossley) ; Petworth (Cecil T.
Payne); R. S. C. (R. S. Cooper); Toby (P. O.
Dunk) ; Tyne (W. J. C. Coulson) ; Villain (F. H.
Morley) : Vectis {F. H. Portnall); Wee Macgregor
(Cecil G. Rayner).

A LXII I. Design for a Sporting Cup.

First Prize {Three Guineas) : Tramp (David
Veazey, 27 Rectory Place, Woolwich).

Second Prize {Twj Guineas): Rydc (Hugh
Slade, 137 Norwood Road, Heme Hill, S.E.).

Hon. Mention : Mac (Elis Bergh); Scorcher (J.
Schorfield); Ha?nish (J. B. Crockart) ; Craftsman
(Geo. Wilson); Light (S. R. Turner); Mark Tapley
(W. C. Dixon); Dogrose (A. S. Atkinson); Peter
(P. Brown) ; Lamplighter {]. P. Hully).

Class B. Drawings in Black-and-White.
B LVIf. Design for a Set of Six Initial

First Prize {One Guinea): Jak (J.J. Crook, Avon-
more, Cambridge Road, King's Heath, Birmingham).

Second Prize {Halj-a-Guinea) : Isca (Miss
Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James's, Exeter).

Hon. Mention : Wooltonian (C. M. Hibbs);
Thrams (W. A. Burton); Clubs (G. F. Burton);
Uladh (P. V. MacEnaney); Pansy (Frances Butt);
Star/lower{M.axgaxet Steele); Alpha (Scott Calder);
Penna (E. G. Hallam); Glanville (H. G. Spooner);
W. Xie (Winifred Christie); Black (Norah C.
Dominy); Amaryllis (Josephine A. Meyer); Arrow
(Sidney Holt) ; Artifex (T. C. C. Mackie); Astra
{ Annie Eastwood ) ; Brush { P. Lancaster ) ;
Elephant (Gertrud Pape); Gobbo (Maud C.
James); Line (A. G. Greenhalgh); Mable (J. W.
Northcott) ; Malabar (P. Thesiger) ; Marathon
(Miss G. V. Griffin); Meadows {H. T. Meadows-
Taylor) ; Peter (P. Brown); Six (Elsa Hammax) :
Smyth (H. Leasdale).

Class C. Photographs from Nature.
C XLV. Study of Boats on the Sea.
{Illustrations held over till next month.)

First Prize {One Guinea): Pic/o (W. Wallace,
138 Calder Street, Queen's Park, Glasgow).

Second Prize {Ha'f-a-Guinea) : Spot (Maurice
Peacock, 6 Park Road, Forest Hill, S.E.).

Hon. Mention : Discobolus (W. Eastwood);
Elephant (Gertrud Pape) ; Estrella (0. M. Robert-
son) ; Italia (J. C. Ashton).

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