Studio: international art — 33.1905

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Studio- Talk

a number of Orchard scenes,
over-brown in colour and
lacking in atmosphere but
very dexterously painted ;
and Mrs. R. B. Nesbit,
Mr. Ford and Mr. R. D.
Herdman show good por-
traits. The first room con-
tains some charming water-
colours, such as the wonder-
ful drawings of wild-flowers
and grasses by Mr. Edwin

designed hy ambrose heal

horizoned moorland, lying in the shadow of a cloud- Alexander; a richly

piled sky, which is not only the most important decorative and

picture he has painted as yet, but is, in its own beautiful rendering of

way, one of the finest landscapes produced in the ballad Binnorie

Scotland of recent years. Several of his smaller by Miss Katherine

pictures are marked by similar fine qualities, and Cameron; the dainty

the time seems come when this artist should be impressionist sket- processional cross in iron

hailed as arrive. A big ploughing scene by Mr. ches of Miss Meg and brass with pottery

George Smith, if not quite so satisfactory as the Wright, and the ™dTkobertmNS

K}iockbreck Moor, is also an admirable perform- finely designed, if executed by r. holloway

ance, well conceived and designed and powerfully rather muddily

drawn and painted; and the Loch Fyne of Mr. coloured, landscapes

Mason Hunter, although somewhat clumsy in of Mr. C. H. Mackie. Two powerful and admir-

drawing and heavy in handling, is perhaps the ably put together landscape compositions in black

completest thing he has done and a very full chalk by Mr. W. Y. MacGregor should also be

expression of his preferences in subject and design, noted. J. L. C.

technique and colour. These are the most out-
standing works in virtue of size and in relationship ■ "VARIS.—There died at Bure' (Orne) on
to the declared aim of the society "to stimulate the I -9 the 27th of August, one of the greatest

younger artists to produce more important works," I of modern French painters — Henri

but there are others calling for special praise. Mr. * Fantin-Latour. Readers of The Studio

Robert Burns's The Ring, for instance, simple as it will not have forgotten the long article devoted

is in motive, is one of his most successful studies, to Fantin-Latour in these pages — an article

and shows a greater range of tone than he has for which the master (one of this magazine's

usually used, and Mr. Payton Reid's The Slave, staunchest friends and most assiduous readers)

while wanting in some painter-like qualities and fine specially composed a beautiful lithograph. It

colour, is an excellent picture of its kind ; Mr. were unnecessary for me now to refer to his work

Hornel's inlay of children and swans and blossoms as painter and lithographer, seeing that it was

has a charm of its own ; Mr. W. M. Fraser has studied so thoroughly in the article to which I

several pleasing landscapes, and Mr. Robert Noble have referred. As for his pastels, thanks to one

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