Studio: international art — 33.1905

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German Arts and Crafts at St. Louis

praiseworthy conception. Its walls and beams are rich, if not restful. Among a number of
of grey oak would suggest heaviness, were it rooms having especially exquisite treatments of
not for the nicety of proportion shown in the woods should be mentioned the " Music
various panellings. The table, chairs and fittings Room," in dull walnut, by Prof. Rankok; the
are produced from yellow-stained cherry. The " Reception Room," in grey-stained maple, by
clock, the electric wall-fixtures, as well as the Rank Brothers, of Munich; and the " Library,"
chandelier, are majolica, and were modelled by in grey-stained oak and ash-inlaid ceiling, by
Prof. Karl Gross. A room, which, for rich- Bruno Paul,
ness and softness, gives
the impression of velvet,
is that displayed by a
group of Magdeburg
artists for a "Gentleman's
Study." In this room,
the high wainscoting and
wall cabinets are executed
in ash that has been
stained a tender green;
the walls above and the
ceiling are tinted a greyish
chocolate; one of the
tables and a couple of
chairs are of ash. The
" Ante-room to a Dining
Room," by Anton Huber,
is particularly pleasing. It
is furnished in mahogany,
and is separated by a firm
railing from the dining
room below. The spiral
columns in the "Living
Room" by Adelbert Nei- CHromo.xylograph by helen hyde

meyer and Karl Bertsch (By permission of Mr. C. Klackner, London and New York)

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