Studio: international art — 33.1905

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

If the Christmas card is worth doing at all it is Jan (Miss Janetta La Trobe) ; Fir (Clara A.

worth doing well, and if it is to be done well the Lavington); Helga (Josephine Hicks); Jay (Rev.

work will have to be entrusted to artists who are O. J. Jones); Penelope (Mrs. Walton); Toby

not artists in name only. If some serious step is (Ethel W. Whenman) ; Turtium (Emma L.

not taken soon the Christmas and New Year's card Cowlman).
will join the late unlamented Valentine.

Class B. Pictorial Art.


In the September Number of The Studio B II. A Page from an Architectural

there appeared a coloured reproduction of one Sketch-Book.

of Mr. G. S. Elgood's water-colour drawings,

, ■ , i j -i j First Prize (Two Guineas) : Teddie (Miss A. M.

which was erroneously described as representing v ' v

d„ ,z, jt» * -a ^ i c v Williams, Walcot, Shaa Road, East Acton,

Pensnurst^ Kent. Jbor the sake of accuracy it ' '

should be stated that the drawing in question London, W.).

is a view of Compton Wynyates, the beautiful Second Prize {One Guinea) : Phil (Jasper P.
Warwickshire seat of the Marquis of Northampton. Salwey, c/o Ravencroft, Son, & Morris, Reading).

Hon. Mention : Peter (Peter Brown); Sea
WARDS IN "THE STUDIO" Quu (Mrs. F. E. Forbes); Alpha (H. P. Hing);
PRIZE COMPETITIONS. Architrave (C. P. Wilkinson); Bux (Bernard A.

Porter); Horseshoe (Percy J. Westwood); Kitty
Class a. Decorative Art. (Mile. N. Deschamps); Pencil (C. M. Walshaw) j

Old Series.
A LIV. Design for the
Front and Back of a
Banquet Menu.
First Prize {Three
Guineas): Curlew (Lennox
G. Bird, io Gatestone
Road, Upper Norwood,
Lon don, S.E.).

Second Prize {Two
Guineas): Pa?i (F. H. Ball,
85 Scotland Road, Carlisle).

Hon. Mention : Doric
(G. W. Mason); Mac (G.
Macintosh); Alex (A. Scott

New Series.

A III. Design for an
Emiiroidered Fall for

a Church Lectern.

First Prize {Two
Guineas) : King (Oswald
Eaton Prest, 47 Haver-
stock Hill, London, N.W.).

Second Prize {One
Guinea) : IV. Max (Albert
Boucher, 20 rue de
Bruxelles, Paris).

LIon. Mention: Ma-
rone (Mary C. Buzzard) ;
Auspal (James Tarney);

Alicia (Alice H. Watts); first prize (comp. a hi) "king"/-.,

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