Studio: international art — 85.1923

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(Grosvenor Galleries)


{From our own Correspondents.)

LONDON.—The great event of last
month in matters artistic was the placing
on view in Gallery XXVI of the National
Gallery of the series of portraits of Mr.
Asher Wertheimer and members of his
family, which were painted by Mr. J. S.
Sargent at various intervals from 1896 on-
wards, and were bequeathed by Mr. Wert-
heimer to the Nation, the bequest taking
effect on the recent death of his widow.
The acquisition of this remarkable series
of nine paintings is by far the most im-
portant that has come to our chief national
collection for a long time, apart altogether
from any consideration of pecuniary
value. 0 0 0 0 0 0

In the list of honours promulgated at
the beginning of the New Year occurred
the name of Mr. Herbert Hughes-Stanton,
R.A., President of the Royal Society of
Painters in Water Colours, upon whom
the honour of knighthood was conferred.

Until the end of the present season the
Grosvenor Galleries have been allocated to
a series of u one-man ” shows. This
month four artists share the accommoda-
tion, and among them is Miss Henriques,
one of whose paintings, The Attic Study,
we reproduce on this page. The subject-
matter of her pictures is varied, but it is
in the painting of interiors and still-life
that her talent is displayed to the best
advantage. 00000
Mr. Hesketh Hubbard, R.O.I., who has
had the satisfaction of having the picture

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